Friday, April 15, 2011

Bashful Bunnies Blog Hop!!

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the Bashful Bunnies First Ever Blog Hop! 

If you are following along and started at the beginning, you just came from my friend Lisa's blog at Cuttle Fairies Express.  Isn't she talented! 

We are all part of a group of paper crafters who signed up for a swap that Jana started for St. Patricks Day on the Cricut message board.  It was a fun, secret sister type of swap and we all got to know each other and just couldn't stand for it to end, so we convinced Jana and Julie to keep it going with this Bashful Bunnies swap.  One thing has led to another and now here we are having a Blog Hop!  I never even had a blog till I started hanging out with these Bunnies! We also do a lot of enabling in our group.  The main thing is, we have a LOT of fun and have become very good friends.

When they started talking about doing this blog hop, they decided since it was Spring and near Easter that we each should make something to show on our blogs with one of those as a theme.  I don't do a lot of 'altering' of things, so I decided to make a card.  This is Tilda With Armful Of Tulips, from the new Butterfly Dreams Collection.  Isn't she pretty with all those tulips!  Everything else is from my stash.  I even used paper scraps!  The butterfly is a pretty one that Danielle sent me in the last shoebox round I did on the cricut mb.

This next card I made I just couldn't resist posting.  This image reminds me sooo much of my grandaughter, who will be turning 4 next week.  I got the image in a swap and can't remember what it is, but I will do some begging and see if I can find out what it is!  Everything else on this card is from my stash too.  (I have a LOT of stash!)

And now ..... Did I hear someone say BLOG CANDY?  I have some blog candy to give away!!  All you have to do to get a chance to win my blog candy, pictured below, is to become a follower to my blog if you aren't already, and to make a comment in this post.  Tell me in your post (along with any other comments you might have!) WHAT DOES YOUR DH/SO/FAMILY THINK OF YOUR SCRAPBOOKING/CARDMAKING HOBBY?            I will announce the winner of my blog candy on Monday morning!

                                                                MY BLOG CANDY

Thanks for stopping by MY LITTLE CRAFTIN CORNER during our Bashful Bunnies Blog Hop!
Feel free to look around some more before you  go on to see what Elia has posted on her blog...I know she has probably put something wonderful!

Here is our Blog Hop line up:


Janice...YOU ARE HERE!
Elia...Divinescrapper-GO HERE NEXT!

DeeAnn...Scrap Occurs

Have fun and leave some love and happiness for all the Bashful Bunnies!
(and please feed my fish before you go!)


  1. Great cards and a great giveaway..
    My Dh thinks I should sell the things I make, my DD's love that my Hobby can help them in school projects and stuff..

  2. Good morning!! I've been following your blog for a while. Always great to see your work. That card is super cute and I really love that image of the little girl. If you ever find out what stamp that is, you need to let me know!!

    My DH loves my hobby. He says it's great to see how creative I am and he's even helped me on some projects. We both like to create things so it's great he's so supportive. Doubt our marriage would've lasted so long so far if he didn't!! LOL

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great blog candy. LOVE those flowers!!

    aka Doodles

  3. Good mornin! Those cards are way too cute and the coloring is wonderful!

    My DH merely rolls his eyes at all my stuff I have everywhere. He really doesn't mind though. My youngest son, loves all the craft stuff we have. In fact I must now fix everything because he was making a "trash monster" last night for the school arts festival and stuff is everywhere! It has to be made from recyclable clean stuff and he has had a ball!


  4. Janice. I just love the cards.. SO pretty! Thanks for sharing your project.. My DH says I have too much stuff and I need to use it more. Men.. gotta love them.. but he has a point!... Thanks for playing on the BB swap... I love your morning comments. You always make everyone smile.

    AKA LittleMissCountry

  5. Cute cards! I swear my mom used to have a cross stitch that looked exactly like the first one. Crazy!
    My DH is a little undecided about my craftiness...He likes the stuff I make, but doesn't like seeing new bags come in from HL, Ms and Js or dealing with the stash!

  6. I always love seeing your work.. If you find out the name of that second image, I would love to know! She is wayyy to adorable!

    There is no DH here and my son, well, he thinks it is the best fun when I have someone over and since Anne got me into the MB she has come over a couple times so we could craft together. I am sure if other family members knew how much I have gotten into this I would hear something like "aren't you doing too much as it is?" To which I would say I have fun with this and am learning more so I can make some awesome scrapbooks..... guess I should get going on some of those scrapbooks!

  7. HaHa, what does my DH think of my crafting hobbie...several years ago he told me to get a hobby, I did and now he thinks I've gone over board and I have an addiction issue. I tell him its his fault!

  8. Oh I forgot to mention that your card are super cute and love your coloring.

  9. GrandmaJ - Can I sign up for your Copics class? Yes, I'm saying you need so start one :) You do BEAUTIFUL work! Thanks for sharing & inspiring.

    My DH bought me my Cricut 2 years ago for Christmas, and I have REALLY TAKEN it from there. He can't say much - he started it! As long as I acquire 'tools' in moderation, he's fine with it and he does love to see the final products. He calls this hobby 'my calling', and I even caught him cutting out some gift tags around Christmas time!

    Thanks for posting in our hop and for the yummy candy - it has been great getting to know you!


  10. GrandmaJ,
    OKAY!!! THAT IS IT!!!(stopping my foot) I am gonna have to get some Tilda Stamps. Your work is lovely. I have soo been wanting to do the journal jars. Only my concern is, do they (will they) fill out the slips??? OH great if they do.

    Love your work.


  11. Janice... you know YOU are an important part of why our group is so successful! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and hope that we continue to spend time together in our little group.
    Thank you so much for taking the plunge into have so much talent! No better way to share it with the masses than with a blog?
    Loving your candy! woohoo!


  12. OOOO how I love your coloring!
    My hubby thinks Im crazy, but he supports me and says what ever makes me happy! :)

  13. GrandmaJ those cards are so cute.. I am so wanting to get copics.. i just have pencils i have been using.. my dh is very supportive of my scrapping.. he is the one who has to build the boxes i have been making to sell at the crat shows. so it is ok with him..

    love all your projects.. can't wait to see what you come up with next.


  14. Thanks for sharing! My family thinks I'm nuts but understands... sort of.


  15. GrandmaJ...great blog! Glad to see you have one up and running. I soo enjoy looking at your's such great work.


  16. Great work! Maybe I could get a copics introduction/lesson from you since you're so close to me!! Love those cards, they are adorable. My family doesn't mind my crafting hobby, but they think I'm a little crazy when I say "Oh I gotta to do Hobby Lobby they are having a sale!" um... didn't you go last week? "Yes.. that was a different sale!" haha! Gotta love it!

  17. GrandmaJ- great cards! The little girl is called Molly by Sugar Nellies. I just got an image her this week and she looks like my youngest daughter when she was younger. And the way you colored her is perfect!
    My DH doesn't say much about my hobby even though it is spread all over the dining room, sometimes the kitchen and the computer desk!
    Kim aka coyotekim

  18. Cute cards!!

  19. grand ma j lovely cards love both of the images... im a single mother so nobody said nothing about my crafting/hobby but my mom when she comes to visit that she thing i spend to much money on it she said that my scraproom looks like a mini version of michael's Oh well i love it...


  20. Hey GrandmaJ I found you - YAY. Love your cards. Oh, and my DH thinks I have lost my mind with all of this scrappin stuff I have around here. Shhhh he thinks most of it came from swaps on the CMB
    Cindy (Futura)

  21. LOVE THE CARDS!!!!! My DH used to be kind of indifferent to my hobby. He didn't bother me because it was my thing and wasn't nearly as expensive as his hobbies. Well now he nags me to do things for him. He bought me a heat press to do uniforms for his baseball teams. Once he discovered vinyl, especially heat transfer vinyl he loves my hobby.

  22. Great CARD!!!... I just purchased some copic... Kinda SCARED to start after seeing all you talented ladies work...


  23. Great cards. Both are very well coordinated and the images are too cute! My DH loves that I scrap/craft etc. He knows it makes me happy and is my biggest supporter and enabler!

  24. Wonderful cards!! I think my family thinks I'm crazy, collecting supplies but I could be wrong..

    Following :)
    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  25. It's so great to see you with a blog Janice. I love your cards - such beautiful coloring! You ladies have enabled me so much - and to think that as of 8 months ago I didn't own a single Copic and had never seen a Tilda stamp. If ya'll could see my collection now, hehe! Well, no DH YET, but DBF is fairly supportive of my hobby. Course we don't live with each other yet and he has no idea how much all of my "hobbies" will overtake his space when we do, hehe!

  26. You ladies in this hop have such amazing coloring skills and you are no exception!! I am a new follower so I can try and learn from you! :)

  27. GrandmaJ...I just love your blog and I love your work. Glad you started a blog so now I can follow you and check out your work.

    My family is very supportive of my hobby. Both my girls (and DH) have all made things for me and the girls have even taken up my hobby as well.

  28. Janice you have made some fantastic cards thanks for sharing.

  29. Beautiful! My husband and 2 sons support me in my creative mind............ thanks for hosting this swap, it has been fun!