Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween

Wow, it's almost Halloween!!  Where is this year going?
I was thinking about past Halloweens this morning and some of the costumes I had as a child.  Naturally I couldn't remember most of them, but one that always stands out in my mind was the year I was a ghost.  Now, remember, growing up on a farm, there wasn't a lot of trick or treating to do, but I did go to the school Halloween parade one year as a ghost.  I used a white sheet (of course, what else would a person use for a ghost!) but I also wore my brand new white GO-GO BOOTS!!!!!  I was so proud of those boots and that was probably the only reason I was a ghost that year!!  Wish I had a picture!!
What was your favorite costume?

Hope you make lots of great Halloween memories to scrap!  BOO!!

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  1. Hi Janice! I bet you were the hippest ghost your town ever saw! One year my neighbor and I made soda can costumes - I was a can of Coke. I wrapped cardboard around me and pained it red and printed the white letters on the outside. We wore silver bands around our heads. They were horrible to walk around in, but every house we went to said they were the best they had seen that night :) Good Memories...