Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome friends from Crafting by Designs!

I am so embarrassed!  If I had known I was going to be the featured blog on CRAFTING BY DESIGNS I would of tried to make a newer post on here!  Welcome to all my friends dropping by from there.  Grab up a glass of tea and relax for a while.  There isn't a lot to see here, but I hope you will find something of interest to you.  Come back and visit often, and become a follower if you would like!!

I just spent most of the weekend at a crop out at a former girl scout camp, which is now Camp Summit, run by Christian Friendliness.  They rent the camp out on weekends during the off season and this is about the 3rd or 4th time I have gone to a crop there.  I don't spend the night, since it is close enough to drive back and forth, but I enjoy going out there, especially this time of year.  The trees were absolutely beautiful this year.  We even saw a few deer along the way, which is always nice.

I worked on something I am making for my son and his family.  It isn't finished yet, so I don't have pics.  I will be posting some when I get it done though, so by all means, come back to see it.  I am quite pleased with the progress on it so far and think the kids especially will love it!

6 kids at the daycare today and right now all are sleeping soundly, so I think I will take a little break myself and head to my scrappin room for a bit of relaxation!!

Thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY CRAFTIN!

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