Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping has begun!

Hello friends!
My Christmas shopping has officially begun!  Yesterday I got a small start on it!  Now, to find a hiding place for the things I have picked up so far. 
I have to tell you all about my hungry little friends.  I have at least 3 squirrels who will come to my kitchen door and take an oatmeal cookie right out of my hand!  Now, I buy these cookies, just to feed to the squirrels, but I am surprised that now 3 will come right up to the door to get them.  The bad part is, if I don't see them out there, there is at least one who will actually climb up the door!!  And on up the screen, clear to the top of the door!  Is he looking in to see where the cookies are?  I have told Don to look outside before he opens that door, otherwise the little guys are liable to come on in to help themselves to the oatmeal cookies!  If I ever get a chance I will snap a pic of the little guy on the door before I chase him off of it.
I hope you are all having a great week!
Happy Scrappin!


  1. They are so cute....but be very careful. My MIL was feeding her "pets" on a daily schedule. Little buggers soon learned to tell time. If she did not give them their treats on time, they would come to the door scratching and "barking" for her. There were a few days she was gone out of town and the squirrels tore te screens off her door and her kitchen windows. Caused alot of damage to her siding. So if you want to feed them move to a tree outside so that is where they will look for their food.......and not in your kitchen windows.

  2. Sent you an email but just in case it doesn't get to you I wanted to say thank you for the kind words about my coloring of Santa. We have had squirrels living in our garage but had to get them to move out!! Rebuilt the interior walls. They can be quite distructive so look to see where they are actually "living"!

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